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1926: Haines and Sharp Tailors and Outfitters opens in South Road Haywards Heath

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 29 June 1926

Haines and Sharp Tailors and Outfitters in South Road


Tailors and Outfitters,

Beg to announce they have opened New Premises in South Road, Haywards Heath, as Gentlemen’s and Boys’ Wear Specialists.

Whether for the individual requirements of the important Public and Preparatory Schools, for the Playing Field or Holiday wear, HAINES & SHARP’S wide experience will be found of utmost importance, and advice

:: :: is always gladly given. :: ::

The quality of all garments is of high standard, and the prices are - quality considered -

:: :: exceptionally reasonable. :: ::

:: :: Ladies’ Exclusive Tailor-mades to order. :: ::


Thanks to Andrew Zvirbulis for the photograph

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