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1928: Army games in Cuckfield have a serious purpose

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Sheffield Daily Telegraph - Thursday 20 September 1928


Great Attraction for the Holiday-makers.

CUCKFIELD, Wednesday

Many people have been attracted to Sussex to witness the manoeuvres of the Aldershot Command troops. The majority motor in daily and follow the progress of the armies in their cars, others proceeding from one vantage point to another on foot.

Colourised photograph of the troops moving down Cuckfield High Street to Laine's farm for manoeuvres in 1928

The men demonstrated again this morning both their staying power and their unfailing good humour. They had bivouacked throughout the night in fields with a temperature suggestive of early winter, an unpleasant mist making the situation still more uncomfortable. Nevertheless, when the order was given to continue the march in the direction of the enemy, they stepped along blithely and sang with great heartiness.

From the general movement of the troops it was evident that Major-General Sir John Duncan, General Officer Commanding First Division (Eastland) troops, had determined to make definite effort to bring about a decisive action with the Second Division (Westland) forces commanded by Major-General Sir Edmund Ironside.

Fairly heavy fighting took place late this afternoon, and it is anticipated that the rival armies will be engaged throughout the night, and will participate in battle in force at dawn.

The Air Force on both sides, which was handicapped yesterday owing to the heavy mist, to-day functioned effectively and bombed a number of important points, including a gasworks. several villages, and other spots where headquarters and units were established.



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