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1930: Comedy of the Wedding Ring

Before the altar in a Cuckfield (Sussex) church, stood the happy couple - the groom - a policeman, tall and handsome; the bride, petite and pretty.

The ceremony was nearing its end.

On the Bible lay the ring, and the minister was about to hand it to bridegroom when it slipped off the book and disappeared.

Search was made, members of bridal party crouching down and groping about, but it was useless. The little golden band had vanished.

Then when the situation was beginning to look serious, the minister showed his resourcefulness. He had two rings on his hand and tugged at one, but it would not move. He pulled at the other, and, after a struggle, off it same, and with this ring the ceremony was completed.

Another search was made for the lost trinket, this time successfully. It was in one of the ‘turn-ups’ of the minister's trousers.

The Evening News (Rockhampton, Queensland), 3 Nov 1930, Page 12

Photograph: by Glen McCallum March Wikimedia public domain image.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.



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