1930: The Ancient Yews of Haywards Heath

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 05 August 1930



The yews of Haywards Heath are the subject of an article In the August number of “The Sussex County Magazine."

Muster Green

When travellers by the Southdown buses alight under some yew trees at the Muster Green end of Boltro Road at Haywards Heath," the writer observes, "few realise they are making acquaintance with the oldest living inhabitants of Haywards Heath, Its ‘ancients,’ so to speak.

The Muster Green itself is historic ground. Haywards Heath is ignored by most guide book writers being nothing more than a mushroom affair, a town that cannot be interesting because it has no history. That is altogether wrong. The yew trees to its streets are several centuries old.”

Many thanks to Daniel Gibbons for the photograph

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