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1934: Let there be electric light

Cuckfield Easter Vestry

The Electric Light Appeal over £100 still Required

Statements regarding the response to the appeal for funds to meet the cost of the electric light installation and a promised donation towards renovating the interior of the Parish Church were made at the Cuckfield Easter Vestry last Tuesday evening.

Only a small number of parishioners attended the meeting, which was presided over by the Rev. Canon CWG Wilson (Vicar). His supporters included the Rev. CRP Vandeleur, Mr WEL Mitchell (Churchwarden) and Mr HE Stewart (Hon. Secretary of the Parochial Church Council).

The Vicar explained that the sole business was the election of Churchwardens for the ensuing year, and he proposed to follow a custom which had been in force for many years and nominate one of the Wardens. He had asked Mr BY Bevan, JP, who had consented to serve for another year.


Major FM Platt-Higgins, in proposing the re-election of Mr WE Mitchell as the other Warden, remarked that he had served the parish faithfully and well for many years. He did the great bulk of the work, and it was doubtful whether he received the gratitude he deserved.

Mr W Funnell seconded, and the motion was carried.

Mr Mitchell, who thus entered upon his 28th year of office, said that what he had done had always been a pleasure as well as a duty.

£200 raised

Mr Stewart reported that towards the sum of £200 appealed for to meet the cost of

the proposed electric light installation,

£79 12s had been received in donations, and promises amounted to £17 2s. This made a total of £96 14s, which was rather less than half the amount required. The Churchwardens and Parochial Church Council earnestly hoped that the balance would soon be forthcoming, so that this necessary work could be put in hand as soon as possible.

Mr Mitchell explained that the work was urgent, especially in regard to fitting an electric blower to the organ. They had had a promise of £50 for the purpose of renovating the interior walls of the Church, but this work could not be carried out until the electric light was installed.

colour-washing walls

In reply to a question, Mr Mitchell stated that he could not say at present whether the donation of £50 was for renovating bad patches or colour-washing the whole of the interior walls. The walls had not been colour-washed within his memory.

The Vicar remarked that if they did what they would like to do to the interior of the Church it would cost nearer £500 than £50.

This concluded the business.

Mid Sussex Times, 10 April 1934

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.



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