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1938: Ansty's altar to the Celtish god

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

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Cuckfield is rich in legends and the tales handed down by our forbears, one of which suggests that it derived its name from cuckoo, a bird by which it was frequented.

Local legend credits the town with an association with the old pagan gods, for some distance down the Brighton road at Anstye. is an ancient cottage, Mount Noddy. Now it is said that where an old mound or hill is called Nod was probably the site of an altar to the old Celtish god Nudd. In support of this legend it is pointed out that these mounds always commanded an excellent view of the setting sun. and would therefore be the most likely place to be chosen.

Mount Noddy is the name of a small close of houses 200 metres south and west of the mini roundabout in Ansty.

From Picturesque West Sussex and its borders No 7 - Cuckfield by AR Hodges. West Sussex County Times 22 July 1938.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

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