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1938: Brides you must learn to cook!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

They pity young husbands, and plan brides’school

Cuckfield (Sussex), Wednesday.

Pitying young husbands who have to go to their mothers for their Sunday lunch because their wives cannot cook, Mrs Haworth-Booth. of Balcombe, and Mrs BT Bevan, only women members of Cuckfield Rural Council, want a school for housewives.

Mrs Haworth-Booth told me to-day: 'We want to have a school where young housewives can learn everything to do with the house, especially cooking.

'So few young women can cook nowadays, and those who can know comparatively little of the economy side.

'Their lack of knowledge means that In many cases children do not have either the quantity or the quality of the food they should they should have.

'We want to ensure that husbands have really good meals, yet have to pay as little as possible for them. It is terrible to think that young husbands can have their Sunday joint only at their parents’ home.

'Bad cooking can do much towards causing unhappiness in marriages.’

Daily Mirror, 9 June 1938

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

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