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1938: Careless driving causes collision at Slough Green

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 29 November 1938


Harry Humm Holley, whose address was given as “The Financial Times," St. Clement's Press, Portugal Street. Kingsway, London, was summoned for driving a motor-car in careless manner at Cuckfield on September 19th—

Defendant, who was represented by Mr. E. B. Wight (Messrs. G. Coleman and Son), pleaded not guilty.-

Giles F. Newton, Staplefield Court, Cuckfield, director of a public company, stated that about 7.15 p.m. he was driving his car towards Staplefield when, as he approached Slough Green comer, he saw a saloon car coming towards him. He estimated the speed of this car at about 40 miles an hour, and appeared to be rather over the crown of the road. Witness, who was right his near side, braked as hard as possible, but the other car. unable to retain its balance when taking the left-hand bend, came over and collided with his car just behind the driving seat. Neither car was travelling very fast at the moment of impact. Witness expressed the opinion that the left-hand bend could not be taken safely at more than 30 miles hour.

Slough Green has been the scene of several motor accidents as this image from 30 years earlier testifies (photograph courtesy of Cuckfield Museum colourised)

—During the course of cross examination, witness mentioned that as result of the accident he was unable to take his son. who was returning to Eton the following day, to Brighton to see the Crazy Gang show at the Hippodrome.

Mrs. Newton, who was sitting with her husband, said the other car was travelling very fast and appeared out of control.—

Stanley Hudson of Slough Green Cottages. Cuckfield, put defendant’s speed at about 45 miles an hour.—

P.S. Cook gave evidence as to damage and road marks.-

Defendant, printer’s reader, who said his private address was at Beckenham, Kent, stated that he was travelling at 35 miles an hour approaching the bend, and slowed down entering the bend. There was no truth in the suggestion that he had not full control of the car and he was the near side of the crown of the road. When he saw the other car he braked hard and turned in, but unfortunately he caught it a glancing blow.

Vera A. Gresley, of Morden, defendant’s passenger, said they were on their proper side of the road.—Defendant was fined £5 including costs.


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