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1938: Shelters for Cuckfield School to be dug

Children in North Wales emerging from an Air Raid shelter in an exercise, note they are carrying their gas masks.

Air Raid Precautions Committee Mr German presided over a meeting of this Committee on November 7th.

Shelters for school-children

Recommendations arising out of the report of the Air Raid Precautions Organizer included: That the Organizer be instructed to report on a suggestion that cellars of adjoining proporties might be utilized to provide shelters for the children attending St. Wilfrid's School and Lindfield School: be instructed to obtain that the Surveyor estimates for the construction of trenches at the Haywards Heath Senior School and to report upon the provision of shelters for the children attending Cuckfield School: that, subject to the approval of the Home Office, six compressed composition helmets, at a cost not exceeding 10s. 6d. each, be obtained; that the Clerk be instructed to convey to Captain Annett the best thanks of the Council for the valuable services rendered by him that the as head warden for Lindfield; appointment of Mr Fraser, as head warden for Lindfield, in succession to Captain Annett, be approved.

First aid post

The Medical Officer of Health and the Surveyor reported that they considered that the Constitutional Club and the Church Lads' Brigade Hall, as they existed at present, were unsuitable for adaptation as a first aid very post. They suggested that it might be practicable to use a series of huts for this purpose, as had been done in other districts. The Committee recommended that the Surveyor be instructed to prepare plans for a first aid post consisting of portable huts, and that the Home Office and the County Council be asked to approve such a scheme instead of the proposals to utilize the Constitutional Club and the Church Lads' Brigade Hall.

Badges for youths

The Organizer reported that of the present number of volunteers required for this district would consist of youths approximately fifty who would act as messengers, but they would not be entitled to receive ARP badges. He suggested that a special badge might be provided by the Council for these volunteers. The Committee recommended that the Organizer be instructed to prepare a design for a suitable badge or button for this purpose and obtain estimates of the cost.

Report adopted

On the motion of Mr German, seconded by Mr Fancourt Bell, the report was adopted.

Mid Sussex Times, 29 November 1938

Photograph: Children outside air shelter at Gresford, nr Wrexham, North Wales, Wikimedia public domain image.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.



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