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1939: Boxing at Monte Carlo

Casino de Monte Carlo at night, Place du Casino.

Monte Carlo, Aug. 5. Peter Kane, of Golborne, the former world flyweight champion, quickly disposed of Pierre Louis, the French bantam-weight champion, whom he beat in the third round of a contest scheduled for 10 rounds in the open air to-night.

After some fairly even exchanges Kane caught Louis on the jaw with a terrific left at the beginning of the third round. The Frenchman went down for a count of eight and was so groggy when he rose that he was unable to counter Kane's attack. The Frenchman's seconds thereupon threw the towel in midway through the round.

Kane thus repeated his victory of two years ago, when he beat Louis, then French flyweight champion, in the seventh round, the referee stopping the contest after Louis had been badly battered. Both Kane and Louis weighed 8st 5lb. for to-night's contest. Johnny Cusick, of Manchester, the British feather-weight champion, gained another victory for England by outpointing Bernard Leroux, a former French bantam-weight champion, over 10 rounds. Leroux's holding tactics, which saved him from a lot of punishment, bothered Cusick at the beginning, and the crowd also objected to the Frenchman's frequent clinching and hanging on.

George Markwick, of Cuckfield (Sussex), a former British Army champion, was knocked out by Francis Rutz, French Army champion, in the third round of a contest scheduled for eight rounds. After a cautious opening both men got down to business and there were some fierce exchanges. Rutz, a heavy puncher, had Markwick down for a count of three in this round, but Markwick rose and weathered a difficult period.

Both men continued to slam away at a terrific pace without any great skill in the third round, and Markwick again crashed to the canvas. He was still groggy when he rose, and Rutz, after landing several blows, put Markwick down for the full count with a powerful right.

The Times, 7 Aug 1939

Casino de Monte Carlo at night, Place du Casino, Monte Carlo 2006 Wikimedia public domain image.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.



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