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1939: Cuckfield UDC Fire Brigade in Action at Victoria Park

Updated: May 7, 2021

Last year I contacted Screen Archive South East to enquire about a film in their catalogue entitled 'Cuckfield Fire Brigade' .

The email response from Louise Conway (Film Office Administrator) was that due to Covid restrictions they were unable to digitise the footage until they were permitted to return to the office where it is kept!

Cuckfield UDC Fire Brigade at Victoria Park circa 1939 (colourised)

On May 4th 2021 I received an update from Louise Conway as follows:

It has been some time since you first got in touch, however, as we have been able to slowly start returning to our offices on a limited basis, we have been able to transfer the film 'Cuckfield Fire Brigade,' which is now up to view on our website:

I know you previously mentioned sharing the films to the group - 'Haywards Heath in times gone by' and 'Cuckfield Gossip'. Please do share the link to the film on our website to anyone you think would enjoy it!

We have been looking over our catalogue record of the film and are fairly certain the ladder pitch on the building is Haywards Heath Fire Station. (the old fire station that was on South Road, which is now currently a KFC) and that the open park is Victoria Park with, St Wilfred’s Church in the background.

However, would you possibly be able to help us identify the manor house that is on fire in the film?

One suggestion is that the Manor House could be Nymans. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Here it is; enjoy!



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