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1940: Dog 'transgresses' in Brigg's Lane

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 16 April 1940


Herbert Seymour Hotblack, Deakes, Cuckfield, pleaded guilty to failing to keep a dangerous dog under proper control at Cuckfield on March 17th. 

Superintendent Moss stated that a motorist saw a Dalmatian dog in Brigg’s Lane with a chicken in its mouth. He afterwards identified the dog as being defendant's. Defendant was apparently out walking with the Dalmatian at the time, and the dog went along in front and picked up the chicken.

Defendant said he was out with the dog, but did not know anything about the incident with the chicken until the next day. It was the first time that particular dog had transgressed. 

Order was made for the dog to be kept under proper control and for the payment of 13s. 7d. costs. 



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