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1943: RAF men fined for infringing war regulations in Cuckfield and Haywards Heath

Wing Commander Bernard Edward Harrison RAF was fined £1 [£50] for failing to immobilise a car left unattended in Church Street, Cuckfield during the hours of darkness on February 22. A summons for parking the car on the wrong side of the road was dismissed on the payment, of costs. PC Tester gave evidence.

John Bigland, also of the RAF, was fined £1 [£50] for failing to immobilise a car left unattended on the Burrell Arms Hotel forecourt, Haywards Heath, on the night of January 16. Evidence being given by PC Farley. Defendant wrote that, hurrying to catch a train, he left the car on the hotel forecourt in mistake for the garage.

Mid Sussex Times, 17 March 1943


The wording of the 1940s immobilisation poster:



Every owner of a motor vehicle should be reads in the event of invasion, to immobilise his car, cycle or Laurie the moment the order is given. Failure to act promptly would give the enemy the chance to provide himself with transport.

It is important that owners of vehicles should understand now what what they have to do and satisfy themselves that they can carry out the order at any time without delay.

With a view to helping them, the Ministry of Transport gives the following information and advice on what they must do when informed by the Police or through the Civil defence services that immobilisation all vehicles has been ordered in the area:

Petrol Vehicles

Remove distributor head and leads, and empty the tank or remove the carburettor

Diesel-Engined Vehicles

Remove the injection pump and connection hide the parts removed well away from the vehicle.

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Contributed by Malcolm Davison.



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