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1945: Curious Cuckfield Will

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Mid Sussex times Wednesday 21 March 1945

curious Sussex wills.

article in the county magazine.

That old wills are not the dry as dust documents one might expect is shown by A.V. Apthorp When writing of curious Sussex wills in 'the Sussex County Magazine'. The writer points out that not only is a will a very human document but the antiquarian and historian may discover much from it. Mention is made of the will of a Cuckfield yeoman who left to the mother Church of Chichester 4d and who stated:

Extract from a seventeenth will (image from 'Tips for reading old handwriting -

“I will have at my buryall 5 masses. In likewise at my month’s mynd and also at my yerely mynd, all the charge of the church set apart, I will have in meate and drink and to the poor people 10s at every tyme.”



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