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1951: Locals argue about road safety in Cuckfield

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 24 January 1951


To the Editor of the MID SUSSEX TIMES

Dear Sir – as a comparatively new comer to the district, I am appalled at the ‘couldn't care less’ conditions with regard to the schoolchildren’s safety in Cuckfield. Why is no police officer on duty at this black spot during the times children have to cross to and from school? What greater duty can a police officer perform than protecting the lives of our little ones?

Dangerous High Street/South Street corner? Photographed in June 2021

“Wake up!” I say to some of you influential people and get something done before someone's child is either killed or maimed. Let's “keep death off our road”, and if my letter to you, Sir, has no effect, let's see in your paper a large press photo, taken around 9 am any morning and published with suitable comment.

Let's get something done before it is too late.

Yours truly,

F. Piper,

2 West Riddens Cottages, Ansty

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 31 January 1951


To the Editor of the MID SUSSEX TIMES

Dear Sir, - if you will spare me a short space in your columns I should like to venture a few remarks in reply to the letter by Mr Piper, of Ansty, on the safety of Cuckfield school children. I have not the pleasure of his acquaintance, but I think it is probable that he attended school before “road sense” and “safety first” consciousness were so effectively instilled into the children as they are today both by their teachers at school and their parents at home.

I am often in contact with the children of Cuckfield, and I am much impressed by their capability and forethought when crossing the road. Their “road sense” seems highly developed. The old axiom still holds: “Forewarned is forearmed”.

The little ones are mostly met after school by their mothers or other grown-ups or else a kind elder sister or friend “sees them home”. I do not think that Cuckfield is callous or indifferent to the safety of her children.

Yours very truly,

Enid Bevan,

Weald Chase

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 14 February 1951


To the Editor of the MID SUSSEX TIMES.

Dear Sir, your kindness in publishing my letters has produced these facts: the Education Authorities at Lewes and many others have endeavoured from time to time to get police control at Cuckfield’s danger spot, and so far unsuccessfully.

We know of the shortage of manpower in the Police Force, but I feel that through the power of the Press and that present slogan “Make greater effort” collectively we would get something done.

To “Enid Bevan” may I just say, as a parent with two children attending Cuckfield school, I am fully aware of what my children are taught in regard to Road Safety, but that alone is only half the need. Local motorists know of this dangerous corner, but passing through traffic, which is heavy at times, is our concern. Also there are parents who are unable to meet their tiny ones daily, through lack of facilities and other reasons, and I would welcome one of those kind friends who meet the tiny ones after school to see my five-year-old safely on the bus.

Yours truly,

F. Piper,

2 West Riddens Cottages, Ansty



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