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1984: Maisy Wright recalls the Broad Street Congregational Chapel

The Congregational chapel.

In 1821 a small group of Cuckfield residents opened a small chapel in Broad Street on land given by Stephen Wood of Brighton.

The Congregational chapel in this photograph was built on the site of the 1821 chapel in 1869.

The congregation flourished from the middle years of the 19th century and attracted an active following from the tradesmen and artisan class who felt themselves excluded from the parish church.

They were supported by a few wealthy middle-class families like the pains of Hatchlands and the Knotts of the Tower House and led by some energetic and dedicated pastors. The Cuckfield Congregational Chapel, like other institutions suffered from the loss in the First World War of some of its leading young men, and, as in other places, church attendance fell off from that time.

The Chapel and the school building have now been converted into offices and a private house.

Image and copy from 'Cuckfield in old picture postcards' by M.Wright European Library Zaltbommel/Netherlands 1984



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