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2003: Brook Street - satellite of Cuckfield or a hamlet in its own right?

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Brook St (from Cuckfield Society newsletter 2003)

A satellite of Cuckfield or a hamlet in its own right?

Many may think of Brook Street as the road from Whiteman’s Green to Balcombe. In fact it was, and still is, a thriving community. It is true, though, that much has changed.

Brook Street c 1910

We used to have the Mission Church, consecrated in 1879 and holding regular services and a Sunday school. The neighbouring church hall was the venue for many a wedding reception and Cricket Club tea. Sadly, the early 1960s saw both the deconsecration of the church, and the demolition of the hall.

The forge, now the private house the Old Forge, was once in great demand for the showing of horses and the repair of agricultural implements. In later years its use changed to that of a general store selling a whole range of products including petrol.

Mrs Smith at the Brook Street Stores c1920

Presumably, Tanyard Farm was the site of a tannery.

Brook Street had its own ‘Cricket Club’, the field behind Strood’s Cottages acting as the pitch, and the Oak tree as the pavilion.

From 1948 to the early 1960s, local sessions met in the ‘Green Room’ barn in the garden of Northlands. During part of this time the building doubled as a nursery.

Northlands in Brook Street c1900

Today Brook Street boasts the thriving industry of two garages, a Body Shop, a toolmaker and two riding facilities. For entertainment, there is the Brook Street apple Society - makers and distributors of the famous cider at the annual cider party, and the Brook Street Rowing Club.

From: Cuckfield Society Newsletter 2003

Photographs courtesy of Cuckfield Museum

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