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2022: Just for fun - yet more random questions about Cuckfield History - the answers

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

1. What nickname did locals give this tree (photograph c1900) and what was the superstition about it?

Answer: The Doom Tree; it was said that whenever a branch fell from the tree a member of the Sergison family would die.

2. What was the former name of ‘Ockenden Lane’?

A. Little High Street

B. Burrell Lane

C. Brewery Lane

D. Worsley Lane

3. The following photographs were taken c1870. Can you identify them by their original names? One no longer exists but has been replaced by property that bears the same name….

(a) Waverley

(b) Northern Breach

(c) Kingsleys (then called Attrees)

(d) Cuckfield House (then called Leyton House)

4. Cuckfield’s first police station is now a residential property. A. What is it called? and B. Where is it?

Options for A.

a) Rozzers

b) Copper house

c) Bobby’s

d) Peelers

Options for B.

a) Broad Street

b) London Road

c) High Street

d) Church Street

5. Exactly 200 years ago in 1822 Gideon Mantell’s wife made a historic find in a quarry at Whiteman’s Green - the fossil tooth of a herbivorous dinosaur, which Gideon Mantell later named …what?

Answer: Iguanodon



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