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Cuckfield Class poses outside the main building, all present and correct ... but what year was it?

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

As previously mentioned, Rosemary Powell was for many years a dedicated local historian - her legacy includes fascinating material about several Mid Sussex Communities.

Among her cuttings is this classic school photograph with meticulously recorded names of the teacher and pupils included in it. Many of the names (and for some of the older Cuckfieldians, the people themselves) will be familiar - but what year would this snap have been taken? Evidence? What if anything do we know about their lives?

1. Frank Penfold; 2. Doris Smith; 3. Hilda Giles; 4. Pearl Knight; 5. Phyl Simmons; 6. Jean Faulkner; 7. Florrie Simmons; 8. Rosetta Rowland; 9. Eric Henty 10. Ern Beard; 11. Keith Rapley; 12. Charlie King; 13. Lily Knight; 14. Phylis Tyler; 15. Vivian Jones; 16. Phylis Miller; 17. Art Rapley; 18. Grace Grant; 19. Olive Rowland; 20. Rene Gasson; 21. Joyce King; 22. Vic Rowland; 23. Jim Martin: 24. Minnie Simmonds; 25. Brenda Mitchell; 26. Winnie Cleaver; 27. Elsie Knight; 28. Thora Gardner; 29. Margaret Beard; 30. Dorothy Murrell; 31. Gwen Langley; 32. Dorothy Tyler; 33. Basil Clack; 34. Jack Woods; 35. Peggy Stutchbury; 36. Olive Broderick; 37. Brenda Watts; 38. Charlie Stoner; 39. Peter Avery?



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