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Humour to the last

This splendid epitaph is attributed to Cuckfield:

Long was my pain, great was my grief,
Surgeons I'd many, but no relief.
I trust in Christ to rise with the just;
My leg and thigh was buried first.

I have also seen this attributed to Lindfield as Richard Turner, who died in 1768, aged twenty-one. If anyone can clarify , that would be a great help.

While on the subject of epitaphs here another one that's in Cuckfield graveyard:

Buried John Ellis, who within a few months of his death walked one day to Lewes, and the next

continued his journey to Seaford. Aged 97.

From Dead and Buried in Sussex: Incorporating what the vicar saw, by

David Arscott, 2007


Epitaphs: strange examples. even advertising!

Daily Mercury, 25 July 1939

Photo: Tombstone Epitaph Building, 1880 in Tombstone, Arizona Wikimedia public domain image.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.


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