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Samuel Waller Jnr: Letter home - preparing to join The East India Company as Subaltern July 28 1840

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

East India Rooms

8 St Martins Place

Charing Cross

July 28 1840

My dear Mother

I am waiting here to see Captain Grindlay(1) who at the wish of Major Simpson has promised me valuable letters of introduction. Major Simpson has also promised to be civil and has invited me to dine with him which I shall do on my return from Lewes.

I write now to say that as there is a chance of The Item being full I should like the pony chaise sent over to Handcross, for the coaches which leave later. In the event of my not being able to get down tomorrow afternoon I shall go down by The Mail. Batchelor will perhaps sit up for me.

I hope you got down without much difficulty.

We are going by special invitation to learn some fine organ music at Mr Beddington's which is to take place this evening. We dine at the Temple. Fred for some unaccountable reason has refused.

I have had a most satisfactory sitting this morning but no breakfast which is no joke I feel quite ill. It is now quarter past four and I have had four buns and a piece or roll only. I was up at six. Tomorrow I shall be with Mr Thornburn at quarter before eight.

Make my best love to all and believe me my dearest Mother yours most affectionately

S Waller Junior

(1) Captain R.M. Grindlay, East India Army Agent, 16 Cornhill


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