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Samuel Waller Junior: letter to his mother 1832 - Loddiges Nursery and Leeches

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Samuel Waller Junior


Friday, September 14, 1832

My dear mamma

I should have written to you before, but uncle said he was coming to Loddiges nursery last Wednesday but he did not come. My ear is almost well but decency will not allow me to leave off the handkerchief round my head, as the place the leeches and blister has left is very disagreeable to the sight. Uncle Tom bought us some very nice caps; there are something like William Sharpes.

We wrote a letter to you and Peggy and Sydney (1) and sent some things for them and Lou (2) and made them up in a small packet which was to have gone by Miss D but we had not time to go to her house and as uncle Tom's box was going down on the Tuesday after we were there, I suppose uncle T got it, but I suppose you will have it when he goes down. I hope that by this time the wound which the knife gave you while opening the coconut is quite well. Uncle Tom has promised to bring up two of the finest of my gourds to adorn his mantelpiece in London.

Give our love to all of Cuckfield. I'm in great haste as I have to write to Uncle Tom this morning.

I remain your very affectionate son

Samuel Waller

PS I wish mamma, you would write to us a little oftener for we would sooner have a letter than a parcel.

1. Samuel's older sister and younger brother

2. Samuel's younger sister


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