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Samuel Waller Junior to mother July 15 1840: E.I.C interview- Commission/Hindustani/sightseeing

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

July 15 1840

My Dearest Mother

I have just received every necessary requisite from Mr Russell Ellice.

East India House

My Father and I had an interview and found him very civil. I have choice of presidency and am in the Madras infantry with which I am very well satisfied. In consequence of Sir Charles' absence from town I was unable to pass committee this morning but purpose doing so next Wednesday.

It is quite formal. My Father and I dine at Mr Clutton's this evening when Mr Graves will introduce my Father to an agent. I think everything will be left to Mr Graves in my Fathers' absence. My Father will be down by the item tomorrow certainly.

I shall remain in town to take some lessons in Hindustani.

I am glad to say Fred (1) is looking and is uncommonly well. We are very comfortable. I am now off with Sid (2) to see sights. My Father desires his kindest love to you all in which we all join not forgetting the Captain.

We met Captain Wilkinson this morning who tells us Noel is rather better but still very ill indeed.

I will write to you again shortly. Believe me my dearest Mother yours most affectionately.

S Waller Junior

Wednesday afternoon - I will not forget to write to Captain Cocker.

(1) Samuel Waller's younger brother

(2) Samuel Waller's younger brother

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