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The story of Cuckfield's first Golf Course revealed in contemporary local news articles ...

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Sussex Agricultural Express 04 August 1906 GOLF.—Captain Sergison informs us that the 18- hole golf course which he is having laid out on a site to the south of the road from Haywards Heath to Cuckfield is fast approaching completion, and will, it is hoped, be fit for play April next year. The work is being done under the capable direction of Mr. William Park, the ex-champion of Huntercombe Golf Club, who considers it will be one of the most sporting of inland courses. It is over three miles long. As to the future, it is proposed that a club, to be called the Cuckfield Golf Club, should be formed to take over the links and club house grounds on a sixty years' lease, and that the financial management of the club shall be undertaken by a committee of members. Lord Denman, the Rev. Lewis Evans, Mr. R. A. Bevan, J.P., Mr. Crow, and Mr. C. H. Waugh are acting with Captain Sergison in making the preliminary arrangements.

Dundee Courier Saturday 27 October 1906 ENGLISH APPOINTMENT TO SON OF BEN SAYERS. Bernard Sayers, jun., son of the well-known North Berwick professional, has been appointed professional the recently-instituted Cuckfield Golf Club, near Haywards Heath, Sussex. Young Sayers made much promise in several tournaments during the year, notable among which was his performance on the Braid Hills, when tied with James Braid's score of 68 for the round. Following this success was selected to play for Scotland in the International matches at Muirfield. He failed to qualify, however, for the News of the World tournament at Leven.

Sussex Agricultural Express Saturday 07 February 1907 THE GOLF CLUB.—This club, of which Lord Denman is captain, have adopted the St. Andrew's rules as the playing rules of the club. The annual subscription has been fixed at £3 3s. for gentlemen and £2 2s. for ladies. Visitors will be admitted to play for two days in any one year without payment on their names, together with the names of the members introducing them, being entered in the visitors book. The fees for visitors at present are one day 2s. 6d., one week 7s. 6d., one month £1. No caddies may be employed on the course on Sundays. Captain C. W. Sergison, J. P., has been chosen president of the club, and Mrs. Bridgman captain of the ladies section. The professional selected is Mr. Bernard Sayers, jun.

Sussex Agricultural Express Saturday 13 July 1907 THE GOLF CLUB has been offered challenge sups for the autumn meeting by the President (Captain Lord Denman, and Mrs. Bridgeman. At the monthly competition, on Saturday last, the medal was won by Mr. E. L. Bent, with a net score of 78; while Mr. Phillips (81) secured the sweepstakes. Others who took part were Mr. W. H. Dudney (84), Captain Sergison (86), and Mr. T. E. Rhodes (90).

Sussex Agricultural Express Saturday 13 June 1908 GOLF.—The monthly medal competition of the Cuckfield Golf Club was decided on Saturday, when Major Crawford and the Rev. Lewis Evans each made a net score of 81.

Sussex Agricultural Express Saturday 31 October 1908 The President's challenge cup. offered in connection with the Cuckfield Golf Club, has been won by Mr. K. B. Phillips, with net score of 83. Major Crawford came second on the list. Sussex Agricultural Express Friday 31 03 December 1909 A BALL was given in the Queen's Hall on Fridav night in aid of the funds of the Cuckfield Golf Club, and it was a great success, nearly 120 of the leading residents Mid-Sussex being in attendance. The building was beautifully decorated, and the supper rooms presented charming appearance, red and gold being the leading colours. Mr. Mutton, the well-known Brighton caterer, was engaged for the occasion, and he gave, as usual, the fullest satisfaction The music was supplied by Mr. Batty's Red Band from London. Dancing commenced shortly after 9.30 p.m., and the ball did not end until after 2.0 a.m The committee responsible for the arrangements included the Hon. Mrs. Sergison, Mrs. Davy, Mrs. Douglas Clarke, and Mrs. Farquharson. Sussex Agricultural Express Friday 29 November 1912 GOLF CLUB BALL.—This annual event, promoted by the Cuckfield Golf Club, was held on Friday evening at the Queen's Hall, and it was a social success. Upwards of 130 persons attended, and the dresses of many of the ladies were exceedingly effective. The hall was charmingly decorated with evergreens and flowers, this work being undertaken by Mr. and Mrs. Blaker, Mrs. and Miss Roberts, and Miss Vereker, with the assistance of Mr. Macfadyen and other gardeners from Cuckfield Park. The Council Chamber was used a supper room, and when I mention that the catering was done by Muttons, of Brighton, it will be understood that everything was as it should be. The tables were charmingly set out with flowers, and the service was admirable. The dance music was played Batty's Red Band, and the merry gathering did not break up until about three o'clock on Saturday morning

. Sussex Agricultural Express Friday 07 March 1913

THE GOLF CLUB—At its annual meeting Friday Mr. K. M Canley was elected captain of the Cuckfield Golf Club.; Miss Vereker captain of the ladies' section; and the following were placed on the Committee, to fill vacancies: Major Payne Crawford. Mr C. H S. Ellis, Mr. H. Blaker, and Mr. D.W. Clarke —The Committee reported that the 15th green was now in use, and the pit at the 18th hole had been drained. A new tee had been made at the 12th, and various minor improvements bad been carried out. The sum of £l0 had been received from the exors of the late Miss K. L. Pakenham, which she expressed a wish to present to the club, and the Committee decided purchase a challenge cup (value £7), and to erect a shelter near the seventh green with the balance. Mr. W. A. Sturdy has given challenge cup to played for by the lady members. Sussex Agricultural Express Friday 17 October 1913 Commenced Friday, August 8, 1913- GOLF.—The ladies autumn meeting in connection with the Cuckfield Golf Club opened on Friday, when Miss Glenn won the Sturdy challenge cup, and Miss Bennett the challenge cup. Surrey Mirror Friday 26 June 1914 The Cuckfield Golf Clubhouse, Haywards Heath. Sussex, was entered during Monday night, and nearly 200 golf balls, valued at £20, were stolen. Sussex Agricultural Express Friday 25 January 1918 FOOD PRODUCTION GOLF COURSES.

The Kent Agricultural Committee are taking over acres the Golf Course at Heme Bay and letting it for food production. The Surrey Committee proposes to utilise acre the Bleak Down Course at Byfleet same way. The Staffs Committee has ordered the Perry Bar Club to plough acres. Part of Woolton- Golf Club's course Liverpool is to be used for food production. The whole Leigh Golf Club's ground acres) is being ploughed, the lease expires January next and the Committee could not get sheep graze it between now and that date. Cuckfield golf links will also be put under the plough. Framlingham Weekly News Saturday 9 February 1918 Cuckfield golf links, Sussex, and thirteen acres of Otley golf links, Yorkshire, are to be ploughed up.

Sussex Agricultural Express Friday 22 February 1918 CUCKFIELD. GOLF CLUB'S EFFECTS.—Messrs. T. Bannister and Company, acting upon instructions from the Cuckfield Golf Club, conducted a sale on Friday at the Golf Club House of live and dead stock, implements, tools, golf appliances, buildings, challenge cups etc. The company was a large one, biddings were keen, and everything sold well. The total proceeds amounted to £299 9s. The challenge cups, with one exception, were silver, and they realised the following figures:—The Sergison challenge cup, or rose bowl (electro plated), £3; the Coronation challenge cup £3. the Pakeham Memorial challenge cup £6; the Blackall challenge cup, or rose bowl, £3 10s.; the Denman cup, £6 10s.; and the Sturdy cup £3



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