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1000 article milestone + new About page

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Check out our new About page and find out about your two authors.

Instead of talking about Cuckfield news - today we have got some of our own news to announce. The site has been publishing stories since March 2018 and this week have just published our 1000th article.

Andy - I bet, when you kicked the site off, you didn't think you would notch up that many in such a short space of time!

In September 2020 we decided that during Covid lockdown that we would increase the rate of publication to one article a day. We have been doing that ever since.

How long can we keep this up? Well we have a few hundred years of history to draw on, and hundreds of thousands of residents and former residents - and masses have been published about Cuckfield in all kinds of publications.

Even when our readership figures seem low sfter a posting, the material we publish is 'slow burn' and over time it steadily builds up. By publishing we are also creating a searchable resource on all things historical relating to Cuckfield. This poolof knowledge is so vast now that when we are researching material on Cuckfield often Google finds the answer on our own website! Perhaps we should have first tried the search facility on the website itself!

We have a number of interesting stories in the pipeline - For example we have a series of articles about the Old Grammar School. This is an extraordinary story, never published before, and we will introduce you to the founder of the school, Edmund Flower along with his friends and associates - and that includes several kings.

We would like to thank you, our readers, for supporting us for so long - your comments on the Cuckfield Gossip Facebook page are always interesting to read - and have allowed us to make corrections and even add new stories to the site.

The Cuckfield Connections site has enabled us to help Cuckfield fans all over the world with information about the ancient town and their ancestors. Just look below at the spread of locations for our visitors to the site over the last year alone. We hope in our modest way that we are helping to put Cuckfield on the map and perhaps entertaining everyone at the same time.

Do check out our new About page and you can find out something about your two authors.

Andy and Malcolm

Thank you readers - wherever you are!

Below, this is our website log for the last year showing the spread of readership.



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