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1787: Executed at Horsham for Cuckfield robbery

The site of Horsham's executions in the eighteenth century

Last Saturday, the following malefactors were executed at Horsham, pursuant to their sentence, viz. Charles Roberts, for robbing Thomas Parker, on the King's highway, rear Brighthelmston, of two half guineas and some silver. Richard Scipio Bristow, for robbing Richard Hards and his wife, in their own house, at Cuckfield, of forty-four shillings*. And James Wilders, for robbing Mr Hart, on the highway, near Lewes, of a gold watch, and about five pounds in money.

The Times 17 April 1787

* that's £190 in 2022

The Old Town Hall, in market Square, Horsham - the site of executions in the eighteenth century. Photo from and a Wikimedia public domain image.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.



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