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1793: Thanks for using us for 30 years

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Golden Cross, Charing Cross, general traffic for travelling.

Brighton and Lewes Original Coaches set out every morning at Seven o'clock to the Castle, Old and New Ship Taverns, Brighton: and to the Star and White Hart Inns, Lewes.

A new post coach to Lewes only, for the particular accommodation of that place, is established, and sets out on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings at eight, arrives at Lewes at three precisely.

Each Bourn Post Coach, sets out on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, at seven and eight, to the Lambs Inn.

Brighton Post Coaches, every morning through Cuckfield and Reigate, at 8 o'clock, in eight hours.

The above coaches each carry for insides, 16s to Brighton, and 14s to Lewes.

Performed by Tubb, Forest Row; Davis, Shirgold, Tilt; Hicks, Gourd, Brighton; Wood, Reigate, and Pockney, Lewes.

Who beg leave to express their grateful acknowledgements for the many favours received by them during a series of more than 30 years, and assure their friends and the public, that the same close attention to the safety, convenience and expedition of the conveyances, which has hitherto procured them their patronage, shall we continued with every exertion, to render them superior to any other carriages. N.B. Passengers taken up and sit down at the own houses, if required.

The Times 16 May 1793.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

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