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1832: Fight before poachers detained

About 7 o'clock on Saturday morning, William Gates, gamekeeper to Sir George Shiffner, with three assistants; took three desperate poachers near Boxholt, on the estate of the baronet, who were there for the purpose of taking rabbits. A severe struggle ensued before the keeper and assistants could capture the poachers, in which one of the assistants was much beaten, and the depredators also received some bruises.

They were escorted to Lewes, and underwent an examination before R. Gear, Esq., who committed them for a trespass to the House of Correction for two months, to be kept to hard labour. Their names are John King, Thomas Simmonds, and John Wood: they stated that they came from Brighton. Simmonds is a native of Hurst, King of Burwash, and Wood of Cuckfield: the latter, it is probable will also be prosecuted for the assault on one of the assistants.

The Times, 24 January 1832 from the County Chronicle.

Illustration: Cover of the first edition of 'The Autobiography Of A Poacher', by 'Caracatus', published by John MacQueen published 1901.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.



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