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1845: Awful sufferings of a rabid cow

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

ROSCOMMON & LEITRIM GAZETTE – Saturday 23 August 1845


A short time ago one of Mr Hallett’s (of Cuckfield) horses went raging mad from the bite of a dog, and one day last week a cow, three years old, in full milch, exhibited symptoms of uneasiness as Mr Hallett was driving her home with others to be milked. She kicked out frequently and struck her head on the ground, and when he got her home he shut her in the stable; the poor animal was shortly after attacked with a raging fit, dashing herself against the sides of the building, tearing down everything within her reach, lacerating herself terribly, and occasionally bellowing in a frightful manner. - the signs of rabies in cattle

The fit continued through the night, and in the morning the cow became exhausted. Her sufferings were terminated by shooting her.

* Hydrophobia is an older term for the disease rabies, and it means 'fear of water'. Because of this name, many people think that rabies makes one afraid of water.


The story of Mr Hallett’s horses mentioned above can be found in another Cuckfield Connections article 1845: Rabid horse attacks boy



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