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1846: Legal action threatened unless Cuckfield road repairs are made within a fortnight

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Brighton Gazette - Thursday 30 April 1846


Parish Meeting.—A vestry was held, pursuant to notice, on Thursday last, at the Ship Inn, for the purpose of considering the propriety of repairing a certain piece of road leading from the Lindfield road at Broad Street, to the London and Brighton road at the Rose and Crown, Mr W. Cook, churchwarden, in the chair. The meeting was numerously attended, upwards of 50 of the principal farmers and rate-payers being present, and the question was pretty strongly discussed.

Road outside Rose and Crown (circa 1890), one of the areas where repairs were demanded

The meeting arose out of letters from the Rev. Mr Maberly, calling on the parish to repair the road; and announcing his intention to proceed to legal measures, if the road was not repaired in a fortnight. A good deal of evidence was adduced by several old inhabitants, which went to prove that the road had not been repaired by the parish during memory, but that it had been partially repaired by private individuals at various periods. As the evidence was entirely ex parte, and the case will probably be soon brought before a court of justice, we must abstain from publishing it, or the discussion which arose.

The vestry came to the unanimous resolution that the road did not belong to the parish, and expressed a determination to defend the case. It was then agreed, on the motion of Mr John Wileman, to give the Rev. Mr Maberly notice to remove certain obstructions in the shape of buttresses built against a wall, abutting on the public road at Lindfield Lane, which obstructed the thoroughfare and rendered it dangerous.

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