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1847: Cuckfield inmate of Union Workhouse condemned for stealing 18 cabbages

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Brighton Gazette - Thursday 24 June 1847

Magistrates’ Clerk’s Office—Friday, June 18. Before J. M. Norman, Esq.

Davey Coomber, inmate of the Union House, aged 79, was charged with stealing 18 cabbages from the garden field of the house. The property was identified, and it was stated that the prisoner had obtained a furlough on the night previous for a night and day, but the “ruling passion’’ predominating, the old sinner (who it well known for his pilfering propensities) could not resist the opportunity afforded him of returning to his old habits; and he very ungratefully (for he had been very kindly treated in the house) purloined the Governor’s cabbages.

Cuckfield Workhouse c1900

The Magistrate committed him to Lewes House of Correction for seven days.

On the same night the garden of poor man. adjoining the Union, was robbed; but the thief was not discovered.


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