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1848: Cuckfield inhabitants say farewell to much loved church rector with a fine memento

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Brighton Gazette - Thursday 21 September 1848


The Rev. H. Fearon, after many years residence at Oakenden House, having been preferred to the Rectory of Loughborough, Leicestershire, and being consequently about to leave his old friends and his native place, the inhabitants of this parish determined on presenting him with a token of their esteem and regard. A salver of solid silver, weighing 118 ounces, and costing 53 guineas, was accordingly purchased. It is finely ornamented, and the centre embellished with a wreath, within which is the inscription,

“Presented, 31st August, 1848, to the Rev. H. Fearon, Fellow of Emanuel College, Cambridge, on his preferment to the Rectory of Loughborough, and consequent removal from his native place, Cuckfield, Sussex, by the inhabitants of that parish, as a small but cordial token of respect and esteem”.

Mr Fearon is the son of the late Rev. Vicar of this place, who was succeeded by the Rev. H, Plimley, deceased ; and he is closely related to the Cluttons, of Hartswood, Surrey. A deputation, consisting of the Rev. T. A. Maberly and J. Maberly, Esq., of Cuckfield; G. Harrington, Esq., of Handcross; Captain Preston, R.N., of Bordehill; Browne, Esq., of Brantridge; and Messrs. F. Best, W. Elliott, and J. Caffin, of Cuckfield, waited on Mr Fearon on Saturday afternoon; and presented the testimonial. An address was delivered by the Rev. T. A. Maberly, to which Mr Fearon, in a warm, earnest, and affecting style, responded at considerable length. We regret that the presentation was not made public.

The Reverend Henry Fearon

Brighton Gazette - Thursday 28 September 1848


We last week recorded the fact that a piece of plate, the produce of subscription raised by the inhabitants of this parish, was presented to the Rev. H. Fearon, on his preferment to the Rectory of Loughborough.

The following is a copy of the address by which it was accompanied. A tribute of respect which so clearly speaks for itself require no comment; but it may be permitted us to say that never did memorial of the kind appear to convey more truly the sincere feeling of a whole neighbourhood. Mr Fearon, as well as every other member of his family, has endeared himself to the inhabitants of Cuckfield, by a long-continued, ever-active course of kindness and benevolence which demands and has obtained their warmest gratitude

Cuckfield. 16th Sept., 1848.

Dear and Rev. Sir,

—We, the undersigned, on the part of the inhabitants of Cuckfield, many of whom have known you from your youth, and all of whom have had frequent opportunities of appreciating your amiable character, and your moral and intellectual worth, desire to offer our warm congratulations on your obtaining the preferment which has at length crowned the honours of your academical career: but we cannot refrain from regretting the loss we sustain, in one whose qualities in head and heart have long endeared him to us all. If missed, as you will be by all your acquaintance, how much more by all your friends; and more especially among your cottage neighbours, whose sentiments towards you, we have good reason to know, are deservedly those of gratitude and respect, for you were ever the friend of the poor!

On occasions like the present we are very sensible how difficult it is to distinguish the expression of feeling from the language of mere compliment, and therefore limit ourselves to the simple discharge the duty devolved upon us, in requesting your acceptance of the accompanying piece of plate, as a small token of sincere regard and unfeigned esteem, with every with for your health and happiness. In the hope that a long career of benevolent usefulness awaits you at Loughborough,

We remain, dear and Rev. Sir,

Your obedient friends and servants,


Further notes: The Venerable Henry Fearon died on 12 June, 1885 and his will was proved on 7 September that year. He was described as the Venerable Henry Fearon late of Loughborough in the County of Leicester, Archdeacon of Leicester. He never married and so the executors of his will were Jessy Tyndale Fearon, his niece, and the Reverend Thomas Ayscough Smith (probably related to the Thomas Ayscough who he had married on 7th September 1858), of Tenbury in the County of Worcester, who was Clerk Vicar of Tenbury.

The memory of Henry Fearon lives on in Loughborough, in the portrait at the Parish Church, in the drinking fountain in Market Place, in the Fearon Hall, and in the street named after him.


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