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1862: Assault on landlord's wife at the Ship Inn

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Surrey Gazette - Tuesday 10 June 1862


At the Petty Sessions, on Monday, June 2, Edward Hazelgrove, of Whiteman's Green, who is well known to the police, was charged with an assault on Mrs. Attree, at The Ship Inn, on the previous evening.

Colourised image of The Ship Inn at Whiteman's Green circa 1900

Prisoner it appears had been drinking about with some companions, and made a great disturbance, and on being arrested by the police it took three of them to get the handcuffs on, and being extremely violent, they were obliged to bind him hand and foot to a truck, and wheel him to the station house.

The case having been proved he was sentenced to six weeks' hard labour in the house of correction.

A second charge of assaulting the police constable in the execution of his duty on the same day was then gone into, and after evidence of P.C. Overton had been taken, showing the savage nature of the attack, he was committed for trial at the next Quarter Sessions.



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