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1864: Soldier in a fix after a 'lost' evening

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Sussex Advertiser - Wednesday 30 March 1864

A soldier in a fix.

Cuckfield Court

—A discharged private of the 43rd Light Infantry, belonging to Plumpton, found himself in a tolerably nice fix on Thursday morning, at the police station and was taken before W. Sergison, Esq., to account for his conduct the previous evening, of which he did not seem to have the slightest recollection. It appeared that he was so uproariously drunk Wednesday night that he had to be bundled into a vehicle and taken to the station house, where he became so violent that he had to be chained down, but becoming more calm he was released, and fell of asleep. The next morning, on the policeman visiting the cell, he found him seated on the bed searching his pockets when he exclaimed, "Here's a pretty fix! I have brewed my money and my medal."

British Light Infantry private c1860s

However, the policeman had taken care of his effects, and all was safe. He was, of course, very contrite when before the magistrates, and produced his discharge, from which it appeared that he had belonged to the regiment for upwards of eleven years, and had served in India, but in consequence of ill health had been discharged with a pension of 8 and a half d and 1d. extra for good conduct, per day for two years. He was fined 5s and costs, and sent on hfs way. “A wiser if not a better man."

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