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1866: Local man injures his leg in cart upset

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Sussex Advertiser - Wednesday 13 June 1866

Accident.—On Friday, as Mr. John Agate of Slaugham, his son-in-law, Mr. Watson, were driving through the town, on their return from Hayward's Heath; the cart upset as they were turning the corner at a quick pace, and threw them both out heavily. Mr. Agate was not much hurt, but his face was considerably scarified. Mr. Watson was not so fortunate, as his leg was so much injured that, after being attended to by Dr. Byass, he was taken home in a fly, being supposed that the small bone was fractured, which was found to be the case the next day, after the swelling had abated, and the fracture was reduced. Mr. T. Turner of Cuckfield, was with them in the cart; but escaped almost unhurt.

A man and a child are travelling in a fly. Etching by Charles Whymper. With thanks for image from

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