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1867: Vicar calls for censure of church window vandals

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Sussex Advertiser - Saturday 25 May 1867


The Rev. T. A. Maberly, vicar of Cuckfield, laid complaint against a lad named James Brooksham, for breaking two panes of glass in one of the church windows on Sunday evening, when the congregation were at prayers, with a boy's plaything called a catapult.

The rev. gentleman said the windows had been repeatedly broken lately, and the painted glass with which the church was profusely ornamented was in danger from these mischievous boys. He did not wish to press the case, but hoped the lad, who was detected in the act by Mr. Bennett, the sexton, would receive a caution.

Stained glass windows at Holy Trinity Church Cuckfield

Mr. Waugh, magistrates' clerk and church warden, said the police had been on the look out, and done their duty, and had much trouble given them by the boys. The Chairman gave the lad a severe reprimand, telling him if it was not tor the wish of Mr. Maberly not to press the case, he would most likely have been sent to prison, but he must take this as a caution, and if he promised not to repeat the offence, they would let him off this time. If he was brought there again, he would be most severely punished, and so would any other boy guilty of the like offence.

He was then discharged.


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