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1876: Hat, wind and the High Street

A lady, during the recent boisterous gale, was walking down the principal street [of Cuckfield] with the object of attending public worship at the parish church. A violent gust of wind, just as she had proceeded half-way to her destination, capsized the ‘ornamental portion’ of her head, and completely severed the fastenings which were placed to secure it properly. She did not discover her loss, and took her seat among the congregation as usual.

A young tailor discovering the valuable adornment deposited in the middle of the road, hastened to the rescue, and left it safely in charge of journeyman bricklayer, who was close by, but he was unsuccessful in overtaking the owner. He however, went leisurely up the aisle of the sacred edifice, and presented it to the fair one, to the admiration and astonishment of the softer sex.

Kent Times, 1 April 1876

Illustration by Kenneth Mathiason Skeaping (1857-1947) for The Holiday Prize, a modern fairly tale, (Jarrold and Sons, London, 1896) by Elinor Davenport Adams (1858-1913) via The University of Florida Digital Collections. Coloured and in the simulated frame by author below.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.



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