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1882: The Aurora Borealis at Cuckfield

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 11 April 1882

The Aurora Borealis.

— A meteorological correspondent, writing to a contemporary, says that a very beautiful appearance of the Aurora Borealis was observed at Cuckfield on Tuesday evening.

At about eight o clock several streaks were seen to rise up in the west, portions of the sky having a reddish appearance, and soon after a beautiful orange coloured arch was formed in the shape of rainbow, reaching from the north-western to the south-western horizon, the moon shining brightly.

The Aurora Borealis (northern lights) 2019 courtesy of Farmers' Almanac

It lasted only a minute or two but was quickly succeeded by a second arch, not so brilliant, reaching across the northern sky from the west to the east, which also quickly disappeared, leaving the sky in the north-west tinged for some few minutes, as if a heavy fire was raging at a distance.



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