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1883: Four young women thrown from Carriage in Pilstye accident

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 06 November 1883

Carriage Accident.-

On Friday, four young ladies, two of them daughters of Mr. E. Waugh, had a narrow escape from injury by an overturn.

We understand they were driving down Bentley-hill, a rather sharp shoot on the Balcombe road, in a four-wheeled vehicle, just at the time that a steam-thrashing engine was turning off into the lane leading Sydnye-farm.

Cherry Lane leading to Sidnye Farm c2022 where the accident occured

The man with the team drawing it signalled for the carriage to pull up, which was unable to be done, as it was going at a smart pace, and having passed the principal steepness of the hill the brake had been taken off the wheel; the consequence was that the vehicle came into contact with the hind wheel of the engine, which in turning partly spanned the road.

All of the occupants of the carriage were thrown out, but luckily escaped without injury, as did the horse; but the vehicle was damaged.

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