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1884: A dangerous practice on the streets of Cuckfield

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

West Sussex county times-Saturday 2 August 1884

A dangerous practise

George Dumsday and Nathaniel Mercer, both lads, of Cuckfield, were summoned for unlawfully using a catapult at Cuckfield, on the 16th inst. Mr Richard Hamshaw, farmer, living at Bolney, said on the evening in question he was driving from Haywards Heath to Cuckfield when opposite the Talbot Hotel he felt a sharp stinging on the eye. Turning round he saw the two defendants and another lad using a catapult. He asked them what they did it for, but they ran away.

Child's toy catapult c2020

Leonard Gibbs stated that he was with the defendants on that evening. He saw them shoot a pee from a catapult, which struck Mr Hamshaw.

Asked by the magistrates Clark, Mr E. Waugh, if the defendant really aimed at the complainant, witness declared that they did.

Mr Hamshaw said he did not wish to press the charge, but only that such a dangerous practise should be stopped.

Fined 5 shillings each, and costs.



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