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1886: Butlers Green and the beauty of Autumn

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 09 November 1886

We are passing through the season of the fall the leaf, and Nature is assuming sober tone of colour in the decline of the year.

Our district, in due course, has delighted in a beautiful phase of its foliage life, the trees and vegetation generally being in a state of wonderful prettiness.

Butler's Green Pond - with Butler's Green House in background (photo colourised) c1908

I think, just lately, one of the most picturesque spots was Butler’s Green, between Haywards Heath and Cuckfield, the trees around the old pond forming a picture almost magnificent. Given a bit of sunshine, and a breeze to rustle down the leaves like a golden-hued shower into the water below, the scene was charming, and a delight to anyone who admires Nature, even in her state of “change and decay."




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