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1892: 'Unmanageable' horse gallops down Perrymount Road

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Brighton Gazette - Thursday 04 August 1892


On Tuesday afternoon General and Mrs Leigh Pemberton being driven from Colwell to the Hayward's Heath Railway Station, and when near the Star Inn a bolt of one of the shafts came out, causing the horse to become unmanageable and to gallop down Perrymount Road.

The Star Inn c1900 where the horse broke away from the carriage

The Iady jumped out of the carriage. General Pemberton took the reigns from the coachman, who also jumped from the vehicle with the view of getting to the horse’s head. He also fell and cut his leg, but was enabled to go after the horse, and eventually stopped It In the lower part of Perrymount Road. Mrs Pemberton's injuries were found to be slight.

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