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1894 Cuckfield needs cottages

Halleighs, Brook Street

To the Editor of the Mid Sussex Times

Sir, Seeing in your issue of the 21st inst. that ten pairs of cottages will shortly be erected in Mill Green Road, Haywards Heath, by Mr Finch, at a small weekly rental, I thought when I read it what a highly-favoured district Haywards Heath must be, and how I wished some enterprising builder would take compassion on the working people of Cuckfield and erect ten or twenty pairs of cottages here - not small villas that take half a man’s earnings to pay the rent.

I am sure they would let as soon as the first brick was laid, especially if the would-be tenants’ religious and political creed were not made a condition, and the builder would earn the gratitude of the working people of Cuckfield.

I am, Sir, yours truly, Cuckfield

A working woman

August 25th, 1894.

Mid Sussex Times 28 August 1894

NOTE: Stephen Knight built houses for his workforce at 'Halleighs' near the top of Brook Street, Whiteman's Green, c1910 possibly in response to the Mid Sussex letter.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.



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