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1895: Down with the Cuckfield Town Clock!

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 16 April 1895


To the Editor of The Mid-Sussex Times.

Dear Sir,—l notice by the report which appears in your valuable columns this week that at the last meeting of the “Cuckfield Urban District Council” a tender was received for repairing the Town Clock for £15. exclusive of scaffolding.”

Now, Sir, of all the many unreasonable sums up which we as ratepayers have to find, surely this “takes the cake." Ot what use is the Town Clock? In my humble opinion, none whatever. Half the time it is not in going order, and when it is, it is not to be relied upon; sometimes it is lighted up and sometimes, very frequently, it is not. There, again, we have the Church Clock which chimes every quarter of an hour, and in these days of “Waterburys,” etc., surely this ought to suffice for the wants of the Cuckfield people.

..another repair to The Cuckfield Town Clock c1970 Photograph courtesy of Cyril Pike Collection

If the local legislators are desirous of spending a little money, perhaps they might very usefully employ some in providing an extra lamp here and there, vote a certain sum to the Cricket Club (I hear they are in want of funds), or in any way use it to better advantage than in repairing a useless and unnecessary “Town Clock." It cannot be argued that the clock is an “object of beauty," and I, for one, should be very glad if we could say of it as we do of the old “Town Pump.”

Alas it’s gone, for ever gone.

It was no earthly use.

Trusting you will be so good as to give space for the ventilation of my grievance,

I am, Sir, Yours faithfully,


Cuckfield April 13th, 1895.



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