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1896: Crushed to death by a horse

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Rose and Crown, c1910

On Thursday Mr Constable, of the firm of Messrs. Constable, the well-known carting contractors., met his death in a strange and sudden manner.

He was taking a horse and waggon down the road and when opposite the Rose and Crown Inn, met a traction engine. He got down and led the animal very nearly part the engine, when the horse plunged, and, overpowering him, crushed him against some fencing, instantly killing him. Dr Parker arrived on the scene in a very few minutes, but could only say that Mr Constable was dead. The horse, which bolted, was stopped by PC Morgan, who, with PC Gilbert, afterwards conveyed the body of Mr Constable to the Cuckfield Union Workhouse, where it awaits the inquest. Mr. Constable was about 57 years of age.

The West Sussex Journal, 22 September 1896.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.


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