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1903: Whiteman's Green stone throwers - 'part of a nuisance gang' in Cuckfield

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 27 October 1903


Before Colonel W. H. Campion, C.B. (in the chair), Major Borror, Major-General Leigh Pemberton, C.B., Major Lister, Mr. W. Borrer, Mr. A. Weekes, Mr. A. J. Bridge and Mr. T. Bannister.

Stone-Throwing: “Take Care!'’ —Cuckfield.

Edward Dancy, James Webber, Joseph Card and Walter Barrow, lads of Whiteman’s Green, Cuckfield, were summoned for throwing stones on the highway at Cuckfield on October 10th.

Whiteman's Green c1900

P.C. King stated that at 10.30 p.m., when in the London Road, Cuckfield, he received complaint from a lady that she had been hit by a stone thrown by some boys who were down the road throwing from a heap of stones. Witness saw the defendants throwing, and when he went went towards them they ran away. Witness followed them, and they all admitted that they had been throwing stones, saying they did not think they were doing any harm and were “only throwing at one another.”

Superintendent Brooman said defendants were part of a gang of boys who had made themselves an absolute nuisance about the neighbourhood of Cuckfield. , He had had complaints for the last three months respecting them.

Defendants were each fined 5s., including costs, the Chairman warning them to take care that they did not do such a thing again.

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