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1906: Drought, explosions and Brighton takeaways

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Admiral's Bridge, Sharpthorne 2005

A water famine has brought about an extraordinary state of affairs in the area depending on the Cuckfield Rural District Council, Sussex. For several weeks the supply has been cut off at certain hours of the day, but within the last few days the situation has been considerably aggravated. Hundreds of people have had no water whatever. Workmen starting early

on their labours have had to go without washing, and in place of tea have had to drink beer at meals.

Several cases of boiler explosions have occurred through no notice having been given that the supply had failed. Wealthy residents have been obliged to send into Brighton for cooked eatables, and to ask local butchers to cook meat before sending it to them. Those who have wells of good water are simply coining money, as also are aerated water manufacturers. At Cuckfield the council is drawing water from a well and sending it round the town in water-carts. The Local Government Board have been asked to order and enquiry into the matter.

Warminster and Westbury Journal, 11 August 1906

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

Visit Cuckfield Museum, follow the link for details

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