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1907: A miraculous escape near Bedlam Pond

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 02 April 1907


—A peculiar accident happened near Bedlam Pond this (Tuesday) morning. A man was conveying a sow in a cart to the Haywards Heath market, when the animal suddenly threw up its head and jerked the man and seat out of the back of the cart on to the hard road.

Bedlam Cottage near Bedlam Pond (now filled in) c1930

A witness of the scene says the man turned a complete back somersault, and it is a wonder he did not sustain a broken neck. He bled profusely from nose and ears, and was for some time dazed.

After receiving assistance from those near, including a wash-down from the pond, he, however, proceeded with his charge to the market.

After this incident, many will, doubtless, safely secure snouts and seats when taking a sow to market.



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