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1907: Bicycle thief at The King's Head

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 20 August 1907



George Fudge, ostler, Cuckfield, came before Mr. H. Faure Walker (in the chair) and Mr. G. C. Hawes, at Haywards Heath Bench on Friday, summoned with stealing a bicycle of which he was the bailee.

Charles Thomas Hugh Barton, formerly a pupil at Wyllies, now of Rotherfield, said that on a Sunday in December, between the 14th and 17th, he rode his bicycle to the King’s Head at Cuckfield, and left it in charge of the defendant, an ostler the “King’s Head.”

Witness went for it again about the end of July. Defendant said somebody had called for it; he had given it to him; and the person had taken it away. Witness was next shown the bicycle by the police.

Kings Mews (formerly The Kings Head Hotel) c2015

P.C. Crouch, Cuckfield, said he received information of the loss of the bicycle on July 25th, and on the 26th he saw defendant. The latter said a man - a stranger—came for the bicycle about six weeks ago, and said he “had called for it” Witness asked him why he let a stranger have it, and defendant said he thought the man came from Wyllies.

David Godley, Haywards Heath, said he bought the bicycle of defendant in June for £1 10s. Defendant gave him the receipts in the name of Walder. Witness did not know who the bicycle belonged to, and did not ask the defendant.

Defendant pleaded guilty. He said he was very sorry the affair had happened, and such a thing should not occur again. It was the first time he had been in such position.

The Chairman said the Magistrates had an excellent character about defendant, and they would give him the benefit of the First Offenders’ Act and bind defendant over, hoping it would make him more careful in future.



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