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1910: Motor car alarms horse in Cuckfield High Street

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 14 June 1910

Accident in High Street,

A somewhat startling accident occurred last Tuesday afternoon in High Street the result of a horse attached to a carriage taking fright at a passing motor car. The carriage, belonging to Mrs. Bentley, of Leyton House, was standing about halfway up the Town Hill, as one of the occupants, a Miss Clements, had just got out for some purpose. The horse, a very spirited animal, was startled by the noise of a motor, and dashed down the hill.

Cuckfield High Street c1900

It reached the bottom of the town, and was making for Mr. Vaughan’s shop window when it fell, but luckily the carriage was not overturned. Several witnesses of the accident were soon on the spot, and Mrs. Bentley was helped from her carriage unhurt but suffering somewhat from the shock, while the struggling horse was released, but not before it had badly lacerated its off hind leg. The blood poured freely from a long and deep wound as the horse was taken to the Kings Head stables, and Mr. Neate and Mr. Taylor were summoned, the latter eventually dressing the injured leg. It was at first thought that the horse would have to be destroyed.

The coachman escaped injury, and the carriage was not damaged.

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